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BurpLids - The Ultimate Curing Solution

BurpLids - The Ultimate Curing Solution

NO MORE PAINSTAKING PROCESS BURPING YOUR JARS THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY! TAKE YOUR CURING PROCESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL AND CURE WITH OUR INNOVATIVE BURP LIDS. Let’s face it, burping can be a painstaking process. It usually involves a LOT of jars and each one of them has to be screwed and unscrewed manually. And this has to be done every single day for however long it takes to achieve that perfect cure. With our exclusive BurpLids, it becomes an easy 3-step process. Place, Pump, Burp! DONE! ✅ Burping Made Easy – No more frustrating time consuming untwisting and prying off lids. Use the oxygen extractor pump to pull out the stale air from the jar. Simply place, pump, press, done! ✅ Airlock Valve Technology – We use waterless airlock valve technology which functions as a sealing vapor lock for your container, allowing carbon dioxide to escape without letting oxygen in. ✅ Date Tracker – Keep track of batches with our date tracker embedded in every lid! No more needing to remember when that batch started. ✅ Minimizes Chances of Mold – Letting your jars sit out in the open air exposes them to harmful mold spores. Never take a lid off again and increase your chances for a successful cure! ✅ Next Level Grow Experience – This new product eliminates the chances for mold and increases your chances for a fresh and successful cure! How Burp Lids Help You: We incorporated all of the important features needed in a revolutionary curing lid with only one thing in mind – TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER! Now you can sit back and relax while you take your grows to the next level and cure your green to perfection with our innovative Burp Lids. Visit for more information. Also available on Amazon!




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